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Above average October temperatures in Nova Scotia

By Jakob Postlewaite Nov 2, 2022 | 3:25 PM

Les Chatfield / CC

It was warmer than usual this October in Nova Scotia.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Ian Hubbard says we typically see temperatures of 8-9 degrees, but that wasn’t the case this year.

“October was quite an impressive month in terms of temperatures across Nova Scotia,” says Hubbard. “We saw above normal temperatures pretty much for the entire province. Some of those temperatures were anywhere from two up to about three degrees above normal for October.”

He explains why we saw these warmer conditions.

“We had several periods throughout the month where we had a weather pattern set up that was very favourable to pump in this tropical air coming from the south. It happened over several days at a time,” says Hubbard. “So that really helped to keep those temperatures warm and a lot higher than what we’re used to seeing this time of year.”

Slow moving troughs also helped warm air linger in the province for many days.

Halifax recorded its second warmest October on record with a mean temperature of 11.8 degrees, 3.1 degrees higher than normal.

Meanwhile in Yarmouth, the mean temperature was 12.1 degrees, 2.1 degrees higher than normal, in Lunenburg it was 12.5 degrees, up 3.6 degrees, and in Port Hawksbury, the mean temperature was 10.7 degrees, 1.7 degrees above normal.


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